„Simple but original idea for a gift”

„The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" - this saying express the truth about a big role of food, hospitality and warm gesture in interpersonal relations. If you would like to please someone as much as you were while visiting our restaurant it is a good idea to buy a Gift Voucher. This exceptional gift is a nice way to show your fondness of someone, to thank someone in an unpretentious way. It can also be just an original occasional gift for friends, family or co-workers. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact the manager of Farina, who will discuss further details about the Gift Vouchers with pleasure. Gift vouchers rules: Farina's Gift Vouchers are valid for 18 months. Gift Vouchers can either be a part or the whole payment for the dinner or a supper. We do not give the rest of Gift Voucher's unused money. There is no possibility of exchanging Vouchers for cash. Gift Vouchers are a form of sale. We can issue an invoice after sale.