"Entertaining guests is an art. It is also a big enjoyment and satisfaction.”

My name is Monika Turasiewicz and I am the chef of Farina Restaurant. The art of hospitality is my passion as well as my family tradition. With my team I am making every effort to make Farina restaurant a unique place. We are delighted to run the restaurant in the interiors of the historic palace tenement in the very heart of the city. Old ceilings and vaulting, renaissance and manneristic columns remind us that Cracow has been not only a birthplace of tradition but also a worldwide place, adapting new trends and concepts. I always wanted our restaurant to develop with the spirit of such ideas. Therefore, we are doing our best to make Farina a quintessence of Krakow, cosmopolitan city which combines tradition with modernity, which is suffused with one of a kind atmosphere of home. My culinary passion has its beginning in childhood's memories. Since I was a little girl I used to watch my Grandma serving traditional dishes which came from her hometown Lviv and Stanislawow in her guesthouse in a mountain town Krynica. She really knew the in's and out's of cooking. On her table you could find a Ukrainian Borsch, fermented cheese, pelmeni with cream and jellied pig's feet. At present I am still sometimes using her recipes. However more often I have this lingering memory of warm joy of welcoming the guests. After I had finished musical high school I chose studies in the department of History of Art on Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I was not interested in a career for a pianist, which was expected by my closest family members. At that time I have already knew that the only art I am truly interested in is the culinary art. Nowadays, I have a pleasure to run a restaurant with my husband. It gives us an opportunity to fulfill my culinary fascination and share this joy with our Guests. The menu of our restaurant as well as the idea of Farina itself fulfill our concept of decent, simple, fresh and light, flavorful cuisine inspired by travelling. Thanks to the well-knit team of cooks and waiters our efforts were often appreciated by our Guests, who are sharing their opinions about us via site TripAdvisor. We are also honored by the famous Red Guide Michelin, "Main Cities of Europe" annually. You are more than welcomed in Farina Restaurant