„Simplicity, freshness and feminine temper are the essence of our meals.”

Fish is the base of Farina's menu as well as the flour. That is why they appear on our restaurant's logo. Both are not only healthy but also very useful for thousands of intriguing dishes. Flour, on our logo represented with a sack, symbolizes pasta, ravioli, delicate rolls prepared in our kitchen as well as traditional Polish dumplings. These fresh, natural ingredients influenced by temperamental and passionate culinary interpretation gain a unique character and inspire the cooks to try extra ordinary combinations. We are trying our best to develop the taste of Polish cuisine by adding new ingredients and culinary compositions which are unusual for it. For that reason Farina serves also seafood: oysters, shrimps, bivalves, crabs and octopus. This is precisely our own idea of cuisine in Farina Restaurant. Everything that we serve to our Guests is based on carefully selected, fresh and best quality ingredients. Too strong influence on the natural taste of them often can spoil their harmony. Because of this we fry the whole fish with herbs only, we combine the freshness of pasta with delicate sauces and we accentuate the taste of seafood with aromatic spices. Each and one meal of ours, the traditional sweet poultry livers with cherry vodka as well as a more modern halibut's fillet with morels and asparagus, has its own, unrepeatable climate and individual nature. In our Seasonal Manu which we change almost completely every month, we offer interesting new proposition, inspired mostly by seasonal young spring vegetables. -> SEASONAL MENU The quality is our priority. This is why our restaurant is cooperating solely with the best suppliers not only from Poland but also from the shore of Medditerranean Sea, Italy and Brittany. It is worth to mention that Farina offers sweet propositions as well. Our cooks prepare all the desserts and pies in the restaurant. This is often the only reason why we are visited by younger epicures.