„Historic interiors of the stylish restaurant”

Everyone who visits Krakow will find Farina Restaurant with ease. While sightseeing the Old Town, it is enough to follow one of the most beautiful path among all of the wonderful streets that surround Cracow's Main Square. St John Street is a well-known avenue amid Cracovians. Its atmosphere has been created by historic architecture and former aristocratic headquarters of Czartoryski, Lubomirski, Popiel and Wodzicki magnate families. Farina Restaurant is located at the corner of St John Street and St Mark Street. These charming and cozy place is situated in Chwalibogowski palace tenement's on the ground floor, designed by a master of late Baroque Franciszek Placidi The building has been established in its recent shape in 18th century in a process of amalgamation of two 15th century houses. Back then it had been a multi-storey palace in a type of a manor. The second floor has been built in 19th century whilst the third one comes from the interwar period. In 1883-1884 there used to be a Central Circle of Telephones. In the first half of 19th century a lawyer Leon Chwalibogowski became the owner of the house. In the place where Farina Restaurant is situated, during the interwar period the gastronomic tradition had been started by Dworek Restaurant. Unfortunately, already in 70s the place had been adapted for the office purposes. Only in 2004 when Farina had its opening day, the right character had been returned to this historic place again. 16th century Renaissance manneristic columns and a beautiful, historic wooden ceiling in the biggest hall of the restaurant gave a proper character to the place again. Two smaller halls magnetize you with the skew arch and renovated wooden frames of the windows. Nowadays, these elegant, simple and air conditioned interiors, warmed up with evening candlelight make for a meeting in a family circle as well as friend's company or business appointment, which needs unpretentious atmosphere.